• Dust proof industrial concrete floors
  • High reflectivity lowers energy consumption
  • BECOSAN increases the abrasion resistance
  • Improves the look of your concrete floor
  • Very easy tire mark removal
  • Easy tiremark removal
  • Easy to clean, shiny and dust proof
  • Before the treatment
  • BECOSAN application
  • After the treatment. Shiny and easy to clean
  • BECOSAN Densifier and Protective Sealer applied
  • BECOSAN reduces oil, fat and water penetration
  • Cost effective solution / reduced maintenance costs
  • Low-maintenance, durable and easy to keep clean
  • 1/3 of the price of epoxy coatings
  • High gloss, brighter and extreme wear resistant

BECOSAN® – System for sealing polished concrete floors

Concrete Flooring

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BECOSAN process in your offering

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Building owners

Why the BECOSAN concrete floor treatments
can save you a lot of money in maintenance

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Facilities Management
Industrial Cleaning

How you can incorpoorate the BECOSAN
process in your daily work.

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Dealing with dust problems on concrete floorings? Here is a cost effective way of solving dust problems on untreated concrete floors in industrial facilities. Dust problems arising from untreated concrete floors is a theme, which is and has been studied a lot, as it was a general problem in many places just a few years ago. Experts have spent a lot of time and effort in order to find a revolutionary product with many features.

Dust problems coming from untreated concrete floors is a theme which is and has been studied a lot, as it was a general problem in many places just a few years ago. Experts have spent a lot of time and effort in order to find a revolutionary product with many features.

BECOSAN flooring treatment system is the solution to your problem. By using these concrete hardener and protective sealers you’ll get rid of dust and create a easy to clean surface. Thanks to a chemical reaction, when the product penetrates in the floor material, you’ll obtain a denser surface, which reduces abrasion wear, and which again leads to reduction in dust formation – a denser surface where oil, greases and chemicals no longer will be able to penetrate. You will no longer think of your concrete floor as a problem.

The BECOSAN system will give your concrete floor a second youth. Properly installed it will offer you a high sheen, wear-resistant concrete floor.

Today many professionals use hardener for concrete floors in industrial plants and warehouses, storage silos, sewage plants, chemical processing facilities, refineries, and heavy pedestrian floor traffic areas, such as civic centers, sports arenas, stadiums, hospitals, airports, and museums“ etc.

The unique BECOSAN system can be used for sealing mineral floorings like floor screeds, etc.

This technology is the invention of this century. A lot of people are suffering from dust allergy. No dust no dust allergy! And the product is environmentally friendly. A basic argument for choosing BECOSAN.

Like the word – hardener- for concrete tells us, your floor will become hard and durable protected against scratching or peeling. So no more dust, no scratches, a maintenance friendly surface and a long lasting maintenance result.

Your floor is no longer a dust collector. This high technology product provides such a beautiful result. It’s definitely the best and the cheapest method to renovate old floors.

Easy and fast installation with a scrubber dryer and the BECOSAN Densifier and BECOSAN Protective Sealer for floorings will be able to do it. Your guests are going to think, that you have made a small investment to achieve such a professional result.

Polished concrete is ideally used for warehouse facilities, industrial buildings, large retail stores, schools and even used in commercial office buildings because of the beauty and shine.

This unique and patented system for restoring and preparing mineral floorings and screeds are supplied by flooring specialists, facility management companies and specialized cleaning companies.

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